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From Schøne to Breivik
- 30 years of Norwegian bigotry


This website features the biggest survey ever done on Norwegian sexual habits and the industrial scale efforts used to cover up sexual and xenophobic perversion by the establishment.

Hatred for Islam permeates all levels of society in Norway. Mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik is the extreme manifestation of this bigotry. But the Norwegian establishment/press bears a heavy burden of responsibilty: they openly participated in the Muslim-bashing year in, year out as this website amply records. (See the Pretty Face link, Norway Uncovered link and A general hatred of Muslims? link). Breivik, the killer, provided ultimate vindication for Former Justice minister Knut Storberget has a lot to answer for.

The Norwegian establishment and press will never apologise for their own Islamophobia. So how do they expect Breivik to apologise for his?

Guilty of gross misconduct whilst in public office

Simpleton Sorte tells lies that only a moron could make up: the classic symptoms of Norwegiannaires' disease

A fatal error brought her to her knees.... Norwegian journalist Morten Øverbye of national newspaper Dagbladet said of Torill Sorte on 12th May 2007: "... she's lying ... That's a no-brainer."
Did Torill Sorte's comments in Dagbladet on 20/21 December 2005 cause killer Anders Behring Breivik to send hate email to the Briton? Sorte participated in the abuse of the Briton with the assistance of Dagbladet.



Sex abuser Heidi Schøne from Krokstadelva, Drammen
A former psychiatric patient at the BSS Psychiatric Clinic in Lier. Guilty of extreme sexualised abuse in Norway...
Running here and there as she pleases
Not a thought for the social diseases.

" I mistook her for a woman "
says English victim.

Judge Anders Stilloff:
deviant sexual jurisprudence




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