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8 week aborted fetus

8 week aborted fetus

8 week aborted fetus

9 week aborted fetus

9 week aborted fetus

10 week aborted fetus

11 week aborted fetus

11 week aborted fetus

11 week aborted fetus

11 week aborted fetus


22 week aborted fetus


24 week aborted fetus




















The horror ... the horror... of abortion


From Cambodia during the Vietnam War

Speaking to Captain Willard :-

I’ve seen the horrors -
horrors that you’ve seen.
But you have no right to call me a murderer -
you have a right to kill me.
You have a right to do that.
But you have no right to judge me.

It’s impossible through words
to describe what is….. necessary…..
to those who do not know what….. horror means.
Horror….. has a face.
And you must make a friend
of horror.
Horror and moral terror are your friends -
if they are not, then they are enemies to be feared.
They are truly enemies.

I remember when I was with Special Forces.
It seems a thousand centuries ago.
We went into a camp to inoculate
some children…..
We left the camp after we inoculated
the children for polio…..
And this old man came running
after us and he was crying…he couldn’t say.
We went back there and they had
come and hacked off every
inoculated arm.
There they were in a pile…..
A pile of little arms…..
And I remember…..
I….I….I cried….. I wept like…
some grandmother.
I wanted to tear my teeth out, I didn’t know
what I wanted to do.
And I want to remember it…
I never want to forget it -
I never want to forget.
And then I realised - like I was shot.
Like I was shot with a diamond….
A diamond bullet right through my forehead.
And I thought, “My God, the genius of that.
The genius. The will to do that.
Perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure”.
And then I realised that they
were stronger than me because they
could stand that these were not
monsters - these were men. Trained
cadres. These men who fought with
their hearts. Who had families. Who
have children. Who are filled with love.
But they have the strength… the
strength… to do that…..

If I had ten divisions of those
men then our troubles here would be over
very quickly. You have to have men
who are moral and at the same time
who are able to utilise their primordial
instincts to kill, without feeling,
without passion, without judgement.
Without judgement. Because it’s judgement
that defeats us…..

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ABORTER i 2001




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We are the hollow men.
We are the stuffed men.
Leaning together.
Headpiece filled with straw – alas.
Our dried voices when we whisper together
Are quiet and meaningless…..

Shape without form.
Shade without colour.
Paralysed force.
Gesture without motion…..



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